6 Out of the Box Sponsors for Your Band


Eagle Cry Radio

Getting a band started is difficult. Of course the first question on your mind is “how the hell do I make some money?” Well once you have a solid set and you have played at least 5 gigs (yes free gigs count) it’s time to start thinking about sponsors. There are plenty of companies out there willing to give you small band a chance, you just have to reach out to them.

But don’t turn to the usual sponsors like Red Bull and Burton think local.

Here is a list of 6 out of the box sponsors for your band.

1. Local Breweries

There are locally breweries popping up in the USA faster than Walmart’s. So the likely hood of your band picking up a brewery as a sponsorship is really high.

If there are members of your band old enough to drink make sure you at least try the beer at your local brewery. I know brewery’s love to get their names out there as much as they can. And hey! Beer and music. What could be better?

2. Energy bars

Forget energy drinks. Energy bars are all the rage! Trying to get Red Bull to sponsor your band…. almost impossible. Getting an energy bar to sponsor your band… very possible.

Research a few different types of bars. There may be one local to your area or even one just starting up. If you say “oh hey my band freaking loves your power bars we live on them while we are practicing” You will get sponsored quick.

3. Clothing companies

Again don’t think big think local. Look for awesome companies in places you travel to often.  There is a local athletic company in town here who just started up a year ago and now they are looking to sponsor business’s, band’s or events so they can get their name out there even more.

If you feel like your audience would wear a certain type of clothing approach companies with that style first.

Also you could look into accessories like hats, bracelets, socks, shoes etc. The clothing industry is a gold mine if you can find the right company.

4. Bike/ sports shops

Talk to the owners of sports shops. Often times the customers they are trying to attract will be similar to the audience you are trying to attract. If you can find a shop that is active in the community that’s even better. As they grow you will grow and vice versa.

Plus sports shop owners tend to be really chill people.

5. Beauty brands

You are probably thinking “umm I don’t want a lipstick to be the sponsor for my music” but it’s not quite like that. I heard of a band who was talking about their first sponsor being a hair thickening shampoo called “RegenePure” How random is that?!? But hey it worked. And it goes to show you that anyone can sponsor your band you just have to think outside the box.

6. Local Small Businesses

This has been said over and over but look at the local business in your home town. People want to support local. Look at restaurants, boutiques, bakeries and anything local.

Go in and talk to as many business as you can. You never know who will say yes. You will get a lot of “NO’s” but keep going.

You will get sponsors it’s just a matter of time and hard work. But it’s sooo worth it.